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Human Services

Our cabinet promotes and ensures the well-being of Boston residents, especially those with the greatest needs.

The mission of the Human Services Cabinet is to provide equitable access to high quality services, resources, and opportunities so that every Boston resident - especially those with the greatest needs - has what they need to thrive. In pursuit of this mission, the departments in the Human Services Cabinet meet residents where they are - in their homes, neighborhoods, and communities - to break down barriers to critical resources.

To truly thrive, every Boston resident needs access to good jobs, affordable housing, healthy food, safe places to exercise and be expressive, and opportunities to come together with others in their community. Together, the Human Services cabinet will expand our programming, invest in our community spaces, and drive policies that increase opportunity so all Boston residents can thrive.

Our work spans across diverse communities. These include:

  • returning citizens
  • aging residents
  • youth, and
  • veterans.

Our departments and commissions provide a wide range of programs and services. At the same time, we advocate for systemic change. Our cabinet is a critical part of the City's efforts to help all Bostonians thrive.

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