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JP/Rox Transportation Action Plan

We’re making short- and long-term improvements in the Washington Street and Columbus Avenue Corridor.

This plan — which looks at getting around by walking, biking, transit, and car — will cover the same geographical area as PLAN: JP/Rox. We will use that initiative’s recommendations as a starting point for our work. We’ll also use the development scenarios created in PLAN: JP/Rox. These scenarios will guide us as we improve the transportation system.

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    ROOM 721
    BOSTON, MA 02201-2026
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About Go Boston 2030

Boston’s citywide transportation plan, Go Boston 2030, lays out a commitment to:

  • walk-friendly, transit-supporting, and bike-welcoming policy and infrastructure, and
  • prioritize the movement of people over cars.

With Go Boston 2030, community ideas serve as the backbone for our decisions. We want to engage with as many different people across Boston as possible.

Learn more about Go Boston 2030

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