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90-Day trial program for the reversal of Allston Street in Charlestown to start Nov. 1

October 20, 2016


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The Transportation Department and Neighborhood Services are working in cooperation with residents concerned about traffic and speeding.

BOSTON – Thursday, October 20, 2016 - The Boston Transportation Department (BTD)and the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS) today announced that a 90-day trial program will be implemented on Allston Street in Charlestown effective Tuesday, November 1.  The initiative is in response to concerns with traffic volumes and speeding vehicles raised by residents of Allston Street, and some residents of nearby streets as well.

Currently, Allston Street traffic flows in the direction from Medford Street to Bunker Hill Street.  As of November 1, for 90 days, traffic will flow in the direction from Bunker Hill Street to Medford Street.

“BTD has taken a number of steps over the past several months to alleviate the traffic related concerns of Allston Street residents,” said BTD Commissioner Gina N. Fiandaca.  “We are pleased to have had this opportunity to collaborate with the community on this upcoming action, and we look forward to implementing the trial program and watching for results.”

Prior action taken by BTD to improve conditions on Allston Street include:

  • New crosswalk installed on Allston Street at Bunker Hill Street
  • Stop signs installed on Allston Street at Bunker Hill Street
  • 20 mph signs installed on Allston Street
  • Slow signs posted on Allston Street
  • No Trucks or Buses Over 2 1/2 Tons signs posted on Allston Street
  • No right Turn 7 AM - 9 AM and 4 PM - 6 PM sign posted on Medford Street at Allston Street.

A public meeting was held on Tuesday, September 13, where local residents discussed the issues with Charlestown ONS Coordinator Chris Breen and BTD Manager of Constituent Relations and Social Media Carla Tankle.  The 90-Day Trial Program is a result of that forum.

Drivers are advised that BTD Operations Division staff will be changing a number of traffic and parking regulation signs on Allston Street, Bunker Hill Street and Medford Street to coincide with the upcoming change.

Community members are asked to direct questions or comments to and