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August is Wellness Month


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Human Resources

In the midst of turmoil and suffering, self-care and wellness for mental health is more important than ever. 

As we approach the end of a very tumultuous summer and the beginning of an uncertain upcoming school year, the idea of wellness can seem unimportant or even completely detached from the crises we are managing, both in our personal lives and as a society.

We choose this month to focus on wellness resources and strategies because we believe strongly that wellness is not just helpful, but vital to managing the challenges to come. How we feel physically impacts the energy we have to take care of our responsibilities, and mental health self-care is vital to both getting respite we need and building endurance.

Below, we have compiled some wellness articles and resources. We hope you find these helpful as well.

  • This article from CNN contextualizes making a wellness routine amidst protests and the pandemic, focusing on essentials like, sleep, eating healthy, and exercise.
  • Another CNN health article highlights strategies for coping with anxiety in an anxious time, focusing on decision making, and hacking your brain’s anxiety response with self-care. 
  • This article from Bustle offers at-home workouts designed to combat depression.
  • This Forbes article discusses the state of mental health and workplace wellness, looking at self-care in the context of the work space, both for employees and managers.
  • This tips page from Tufts offers suggestions on self-care while continuing to practice social distancing.
  • Harvard Pilgrim offers numerous different types of health and wellness classes over zoom. Check out this page, updated each month, for access to different free classes, including Zumba, guided mindfulness, health and wellness webinars, and more.

As always, City employees are also encouraged to sign up for the Employee Wellness Portal, a free resource which features health recipes, exercises, and contests focusing on healthy living.  Stay healthy, stay safe, and reach out to us at the Employee Assistance Program as needed for further assistance or ideas on staying well during hard times.