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Be Connected: Stories from our employees at the Licensing Board


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Each week, we will share updates, quotes, and photos of the inspiring work that our employees are doing in service to our City.

This week’s story is from the Licensing Board.

As the regulatory board in charge of making sure that our restaurants and entertainment establishments are regulated and in compliance with the law, they have had their hands full lately working to make dining out a fun and safe experience.

“As restaurants and other entertainment establishments reopen across the City, it is important to work efficiently and collaboratively across departments,” said Licensing Board Chairwoman Kathleen Joyce. “My team, and our extended team, worked hard to create a straightforward process so that any restaurant that wished to reopen with outdoor space could do so.”

Stories From Our Employees: Licensing

“We created guidance and protocols so that restaurants could reopen under a tight timeline. I am proud to say that everyone involved — across multiple City departments, from Transportation, ISD, Public Works, Boston Fire, Disabilities Commission, ONS, Parks — understood how important our work was to these businesses reopening safely.  Every single person working on this project stepped up to meet this challenge.  We continue to receive and review applications and to date we have 409 locations throughout the City that have been approved to use outdoor space.”

Thank you to the Licensing Board team for providing this week’s story. To submit your own “Story From Our Employees”, write to us at!

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