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Celebrating Juneteenth


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Human Resources

Today, we celebrate an important day of hard-fought freedom.

As we all struggle with ongoing difficult conversations around race and equitable treatment in society, we feel that it is healing and important to celebrate important milestones towards equality. Today, we celebrate Juneteenth, the anniversary of the day, 145 years ago, that the final proclamation was made to liberate the remaining enslaved persons of the United States. We at the Employee Assistance Program encourage you to take the time to read this terrific article from the Office of Resilience and Racial Equity, "Why celebrate Juneteenth".  This Business Journal article also highlights some Boston businesses that have started to offer Juneteenth as a paid holiday.  Finally, we have two celebratory virtual events for 2020 we wished to highlight.

Be safe, stay strong, and happy Juneteenth.