Connecting people and gaining input through DISCOVER Moakley!

DISCOVER Moakley! was a daylong event dedicated to bringing fun and energy to Moakley Park in a way that it isn’t used to.

Boston’s Parks and Recreation and Greenovate Boston, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, Boston Harbor Now, The Trust for Public Land, and the Department of Conservation and Recreation teamed up to demonstrate how simple activation of the park can connect people to the space for a diverse range of activities. The event spanned beyond Moakley’s perimeter to activate a closed portion of Day Boulevard and portions of Carson Beach to further introduce the idea of connecting the community, the park, and the beach.

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In addition to enjoying a beach-themed inflatable installation, live music, acrobatics on the beach, exercise classes in the park, local food and beer, skateboarding, and parkour, visitors were also asked for input on the Moakley Park Vision Plan and to participate in activities that exhibited green infrastructure and coastal resilience strategies. One-on-one interviews were held with participants who wanted to talk in greater depth about their experiences, memories, and aspirations for the park.

DISCOVER Moakley! showed participants how the park could evolve into a multi-functional urban waterfront park that combines athletics with resiliency efforts and new program to better suit and connect its diverse community and beyond.

You can learn more about our plans for Moakley Park on our Moakley Park Vision website.

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