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Dorchester resident parking program expanded to Ellington, Erie and surrounding streets

April 3, 2014


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In cooperation with local residents and the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, the Boston Transportation Department is expanding the Dorchester Resident Parking Program to include Ellington, Erie and a number of other streets in that vicinity.  Neighborhood residents are reminded that it is necessary for them to apply for a Resident Parking Permit.  Courtesy flyers are currently being distributed, but actual enforcement of the new regulations will begin on Monday, May 5.

“Boston’s Resident Parking Program serves to give Boston residents preference to on-street parking spaces in the City’s neighborhoods,” said Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh.  “Nearly 90,000 Resident Parking Permits are currently active city-wide, and now additional Dorchester residents will soon be participating in the program as well.  I am pleased that, working together, area residents and city staff were able to find a solution to the parking problems in this neighborhood.”

In accordance with the new plan, the Resident Parking Program will be effective beginning May 5 at the following additional locations in Dorchester.

  • Strathcona Street, from Brinsley Street to Washington Street
  • Powellton Road,Glenarm Street to Columbia Road
  • Morse Street, Washington Street to Ronald Street
  • Merrill Street, Fenelon Street to Glenarm Street
  • Fenelon Street, Washington Street to Merrill Street
  • Glenarm Street, Seaver Street to Washington Street
  • Brinsley Street, Columbia Road toWashington Street
  • Ronald Street, Morse Street to Brinsley Street
  • Erie Street, Ellington Street to Merrill Street
  • Ellington Street, ErieStreet to Old Road

To obtain a Resident Parking Permit, residents must present their vehicle registration showing their name and current Dorchester address.  Residents must also present a current proof of residency, dated within 30 to 45 days, in the form of a utility bill, bank statement or credit card bill, with the same name and address as on the registration.

Residents may apply for the permit online at, click on Resident Parking and then New Permit.  Residents may also apply for the permit at the Office of the Parking Clerk, Room 224, City Hall, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 AM and4:30 PM, or at Boston’s City Hall to Go Truck.  The truck will be parked in front of#157 Washington Street in Dorchester on the following dates.

  • April 5, 2 – 5 PM
  • April 18, 3 – 6 PM
  • April 26, 2 – 5 PM

Vehicles parked in violation of the Resident Parking regulations without a valid permit are subject to a $40 parking ticket fine.

Residents should also be aware that all overdue City of Boston parking tickets must be paid before a permit will be issued.  Payments may be made as follows.

  • By phone, #617-635-3888. with MasterCard or Visa
  • By web,, click on parking violations payments
  • In person, the Office of the Parking Clerk, Room 224-City Hall
  • In Person, at the City Hall to Go Truck

 Interim Boston Transportation Department Commissioner James J. Gillooly said, “I expect that the implementation of the Resident Parking Program will make convenient, on-street parking more accessible for residents in this neighborhood.  BTD would like to thank the neighborhood residents, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services and the City Hall to Go Truck staff for their assistance on this project.”