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LinkedInsights: LaShea Johnson

In our new COB #LinkedInSights series, we introduce real City employees to provide a snapshot of who they are, what they do, and why they serve the City of Boston — so you can read, learn, connect, and grow your network one impactful public servant at a time.

Building a thoughtful and actionable professional network on LinkedIn can seem daunting. Who should you connect with and why? And how do you build a connection with the person behind the profile?

In this month’s edition of COB #LinkedInSights, we sit down with LaShea Johnson, the Mayor’s Digital Videographer. She lives by this quote  her own words  “The dream and reason for it all is to create everlasting impact; so the next visionary can follow my lead and eventually surpass it. And repeat.” LaShea is a dedicated public servant with a creative vision on her mind at all times. Not only is she creative and thoughtful in her job at City Hall, but she carries this with her outside of work, too!

⭕ What do you like to be called?

LaShea or Shea

⭕ What is your job title?

The Mayor’s Digital Videographer

⭕ How long have you worked for the City?

1 year and three months to be precise.

⭕ What is your favorite part about working for the City?

I would say having the opportunity to connect with different communities and uplift them through creative, visual storytelling.

⭕ Why did you choose this career path?

I can’t say that. I believe this job chose me.

I got my Bachelor’s degree in Acting from Towson University and a Master’s degree from Emerson College in Film and Media Art. My passion for creative media brought me to the City Hall. 

I love the work that I do at City Hall because I know that it matters and is important. I want to make everyone that lives in the City of Boston feel seen.

⭕ What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Don’t give up just yet. There have been times that life in general has become way too much and extremely overwhelming. I come to work everyday because I know it is important. I matter, the people I work with matter, the communities we represent matter.

⭕ Do you have a piece of advice for others?

Always make sure to take care of yourself! Leadership emulating that is important. Listen to your body, especially when your body communicates to you that you need to take a break.

⭕ What are some things that you like to do outside of work?

My first love will always be art. Anything that fuels that creative fire within me — that passion — you can find me there. But specifically, working on my screenplays. I am currently working on a pilot and a feature. I am also producing indie film projects. 

I also really enjoy nature walks. Sometimes I’ll even bring my camera and take pictures of Mother nature Mother naturing. I am always seeing something out there that interests me. 

If I am not actively working on a film project, 9 times out of 10 I am binge watching a series or a film  both for study and enjoyment.

⭕ If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

Creative, funny, and empathetic

⭕ Favorite snack?

I would say anything gummy. Gummy candy is a weakness for me. I also love Ritz crackers and bread — an odd combo, I know.

⭕ Sun or moon?

Moon - she’s lovely. Every time there is a full moon I always take time to stop, gaze, and appreciate.

⭕ What keeps you motivated at work?

My team - I love who I work with. We have all developed a similar attitude. We know the work we do is serious but we try to balance  out the chaos by finding time to laugh. 

Surprise and/or unexpected validation. I remember pitching this insane Celtics idea I had to the Mayor during the Celtics v. Warriors championship. The idea literally came to me in a dream, and I remember feeling nervous because I wasn’t sure she’d want to do it. So I pitched it to her, and she had follow-up questions about logistics, time, and just the overall aesthetic of the project — very valid questions. Before I could answer, she said to me “you know what, I trust your creative vision. I know it’ll be great.” Receiving validation like that from your boss, especially from someone like the Mayor, was monumental for me. And ever since then, I bring nothing short of myself to work every single day. Plus, I walk with a little more pep in my step.

⭕ What was the hardest interview question that you have ever had?

This one.

⭕ Any inspirational quotes that you live by?

"The dream and reason for it all is to create everlasting impact; so the next visionary can follow my lead and eventually surpass it. And repeat.”  LaShea Johnson

“Love is a fire that burns passion and consumes” - the reason that I love that quote is because it describes passion and love in such fine detail. If you are passionate about something, nothing should stop you from doing that thing if it brings you happiness. It is a reminder of why I do what I do.

⭕ Have you taken the Harry Potter quiz, if so, what house were you sorted into? If you want to take it, visit here. Click on Hogwarts Sorting Experience and sign-up.

Gryffindor  the house chose me  I didn’t choose it. I have a sweater that is Gryffindor colors. People assumed I repped Gryffindor, when I really just loved the material of the sweater, the colors, and how it matches with several other outfits, so I guess it makes sense!!

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