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Mayor Walsh Launches Survey to Crowd Source Ideas for one of his Newest Initiatives: Civic Academies

June 10, 2014

Neighborhood Services

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Neighborhood Services

Mayor Martin J. Walsh and his Office of Neighborhood Services launched a survey to gauge public interests around “Mayor Walsh’s Civic Academies,” a new program designed to cultivate civic leaders within Boston communities.

Mayor Walsh’s Civic Academies are currently in their beginning stages, and with the information collected, the City will look to frame the workshops around the interests and concerns of Boston residents. With long-term goals in mind, the Walsh Administration expects the structure of the program to evolve as the needs of residents shift.  

“As we prepare for the development of these Civic Academies, this is an opportunity for residents to share their ideas about how this service will be shaped,” said Mayor Walsh. “We want local, city government to be accessible to everyone; it enables everyone to attend various events organized by our City departments, participate in, and benefit from the positive changes that come along.”

Main Goals of Mayor Walsh’s Civic Academies:

Provide an outlet for all residents to collaborate with local government

  • Develop a better understanding of how to serve Boston residents
  • Create learning opportunities that support civic engagement and community service

To take the survey, please visit For more information, please send a message to