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Mayor Walsh releases findings of neighborhood engagement walks

May 28, 2015

Neighborhood Services

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Neighborhood Services

 Mayor Martin J. Walsh today released the final report on NEW (Neighborhood Engagement Walks) Boston, a comprehensive report of every street in every neighborhood across Boston. 

“I am proud of the work that Neighborhood Services has done to invest in every street and community in Boston,” said Mayor Walsh. “This report, for the first time in our history, truly assesses every piece of this City, and allows us to better serve the people in our neighborhoods.”

Starting last September, representatives from the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS) walked the 850 miles of city streets across Boston, in an effort to assess each neighborhood in great detail. ONS representatives surveyed every part of their respective neighborhood, on the ground, and evaluated infrastructure challenges, identified constituent concerns through conversations and cataloged issues facing each neighborhood. The goal of this effort was to closely examine the City, allowing ONS representatives to understand every facet of their respective neighborhood while engaging with constituents on the ground and building relationships face-to-face.

“This past fall, Mayor Walsh challenged myself and my team to find new, innovative ways to engage with residents,” said Jerome Smith, Chief of Civic Engagement. “By walking the 850 miles of City streets, and logging everything we found, we're working to fulfill the Mayor’s promise to increase efficiency while maintaining greater transparency.”

NEW Boston was a cross-departmental effort, with ONS representatives working closely with the City’s Inspectional Services Department, Public Works Department, Transportation Department and Parks Department, among others.

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