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Preparing for Back to School

August 2, 2017

Human Resources

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Human Resources

Let's get ready for an easy transition. 

As teachers, parents, and students prepare to head back to school, it can be a stressful yet exciting time. Re-establishing routines and the end of summer vacation can often be a tough transition for families. These changes are typically less difficult if you have an organized plan in place for how to ensure a smooth transition. Here are some tips and resources that may address your concerns regarding going back to school. 

- In August, begin to engage your family in activities that promote learning. This will help your young learners re-focus before entering school in September. It's a good idea to get that summer reading done early and begin anticipating what you'll learn in the next grade. Here you can find Boston area museums and which days they offer free or discounted passes for children. 

- Boston Public Schools has some great suggestions about transitioning back to school - such as eating a healthy breakfast and lunch and designating a certain spot for your school supplies. These tips are helpful for both students and teachers alike. 

- BPS is also willing to schedule a school tour with students who may be new to the school system, or have been out due to a medical condition. This will help ease the nerves for everyone involved. Additionally, Boston Children's Hospital offers a program where they support students who are re-entering school after an illness. They will facilitate providing their school with helpful information to ensure their health and safety continues. 

- It can be overwhelming to be a parent with school-aged kid(s). There are endless to-do lists and full schedules. Sometimes it's hard to talk to your child about school or engage in meaningful conversations about what they are learning. offers great ideas about how to start the conversation. In addition, provides useful solutions to everyday problems (such as finding after-school care and addressing bullying) that may cause parents stress and anxiety. 

- Having the correct school supplies is important to a child's success in school. Garden Neighborhood Charities, in conjunction with the City of Boston and The Salvation Army, is holding a free event to meet this need. Find out here how to register your child. Each child will receive a backpack filled with supplies. There will also be fun activities and various booths addressing child concerns at the event. 

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