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Public Works provides posted residential street sweeping update

February 27, 2015

Public Works

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Public Works

The Boston Public Works Department today announced that posted residential street sweeping will be postponed in neighborhoods with March street sweeping until streets are cleared to the curb and gutters are free of ice and snow.  In order for streets to be properly swept, a thaw and large scale melting must occur. The Public Works Department will notify residents once streets are clear enough for street sweeping to resume. 

The City's Daytime Neighborhood Street Cleaning program currently runs from April 1 through November 30 for all neighborhoods except the North End, the South End, and Beacon Hill. The daytime program parking restrictions are not in effect during the months of December and March except in the North End, the South End, and Beacon Hill. 

In the event that Public Works decides to cancel street sweeping and parking enforcement for weather related reasons, notifications will be sent out by e-mail to NO-TOW subscribers or you may contact the Mayor's 24 Hour Hotline for updated information at 617-635-4500.