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Spring cleaning and well-being


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This month, we look at celebrating the return of spring through self-care.

As the weather gets warmer, and options open up for outdoor activities, now is an excellent opportunity to start a new self-care goal, and what could be better than the yearly tradition of spring cleaning?

We have been spending more time than ever before at home due to COVID-19, and our living spaces often reflect how we are feeling. The effects of spring cleaning, especially after a winter spent mostly in our homes indoors, cannot be overstated. A clean, organized home environment has a strong impact on mental health and feelings of comfort in the home. Reorganizing a cluttered closet, cleaning the sink and shower, scrubbing the top of the stove, all chores that, when completed at once, can significantly reduce your baseline stress and even reduce symptoms of depression.  We have linked some articles below with tips and information on effective spring cleaning:

In addition, the warmer weather can lead to more opportunity to be outside and gather in safe numbers to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Vitamin D and exercise have marked physical effects on the body and mind. It can be a good opportunity to visit one of your local parks, such as the Boston Common, the Franklin Park Zoo, or the Arnold Arboretum. If it is difficult to make it outside regularly, but you are still looking for structured exercise, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department offers many regular virtual fitness courses.

We also recommend considering an outdoor volunteer activity such as the Great Massachusetts Cleanup, a project which helps clean both major parks and local neighborhoods and outdoor spaces.  Other outdoor opportunities include the Boston Nature Center, and Boston Cares. Any of these options can help you feel more connected to your community after a year of isolation, and will also keep you exercising in the sun.

From all of us at the Employee Assistance Program, have a safe and healthy April.

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