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Sullivan Square resurfaced for the first time in 25 years

June 18, 2014

Public Works

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Public Works

Today Mayor Martin J. Walsh thanked residents and commuters through Charlestown for their patience during extensive road improvement work to Sullivan Square. The Public Works Department (PWD) paved the heavily trafficked roads in Sullivan Square over the course of two weeks, smoothing the roadway to improve safety and transportation access. Additional roadway striping and pedestrian ramp improvements will continue through the summer. The last time that any major resurfacing work was done in the area was more than two decades ago.  

“Roadway infrastructure improvements can be disruptive while they’re underway, but keep our city and economy moving in the long term,” said Mayor Walsh. “We appreciate the public’s patience in allowing the Public Works crews to complete this much needed work in a timely and safe manner.”

More than two lane miles of road in and around Sullivan Square were paved, including Alford Street, Cambridge Street, Main Street, Mishawum Street, Rutherford Avenue, and West Street. PWD put down 36,000 square yards of asphalt pavement amounting to 3,740 tons of material, and 200 utility manholes and castings were raised or improved to meet the level of the new road.

The improvements began with grinding on Tuesday, May 27 and paving was completed on Monday, June 9, one day ahead of schedule. All of the work was done at night and in close coordination with the Boston Police Department, the State Police, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, and the Alford Street Bridge project.  

Through the rest of the summer the Sullivan Square area will receive new roadway striping, improved bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and new pedestrian ramps, with total investment in the roadways and sidewalks totaling around $900,000.  

As a thank you to the surrounding community, PWD has put up temporary electronic sign boards expressing thanks to all of the travelers who helped to make the project successful, saying "Bost Pub Works Says - Thank You For Your Patience - Boston Works for You!"