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Supervisors share experiences in Girls Leadership Corp


Kesanet and Samari were our summer 2018 Girls Leadership Corp (GLC) Supervisors.

From program planning to empowering girls, Kesanet and Samari, our summer 2018 Girls Leadership Corp (GLC) Supervisors, were incredible leaders and mentors and a welcome part of the BCYF family. Kesanet told us how great it was to guide the girls in building trust and bonding within the group. Samari shared the joy of exposing the girls to new experiences and ideas and watching them grow.

Kesanet applied to the GLC hoping to have an impact on those she worked with. After she was hired, she realized how much the GLC values resonated with her – empowering and supporting the girls participating each and every day. “I realized I wanted the young ladies to feel as if they could do everything and anything,” Kesanet said. “I know many young girls, including myself, have had people undermine their dreams or direct them to more 'realistic' or 'easier' options. I knew that facing doubt from others means that encouragement and reassurance is even more significant.”  

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Samari agreed, telling us that she wanted to work with the GLC because it allowed her to combine her desire to give back to her community while also empowering girls. “Through this program our young ladies were able to grow and have great experiences through trips and activities that may not have been possible for them before,” said Samari. “They were able to step out of their comfort zones and do things they didn’t know were in their own community. My goal was to bring the group of girls together and show them the great depths of wonder beyond the limitations of today’s measures, and to assure them that they can achieve any goal they, set especially as females. Working with the girls not only helped them stay occupied and educated throughout the summer, but it also helped me see the balance between freedom and discipline and how to execute respect to receive it. As a supervisor this summer I created many memories and I have experienced a great impact from this program.”

“This summer with the program was so rewarding as I built relationships with a great group of girls and Erika Butler who has been a support system for not only the girls, but for me,” said Kesanet. “What I appreciated most about this summer was the realization that, when we started the summer, the girls were hesitant to talk to me and each other, but soon trust was built and strong bonds were made. They quickly became outspoken and confident that what they would contribute would always be appreciated. At times there would rarely be a lull in the conversations and as entertaining as some of those comments were, it meant that I was doing my job right. I can honestly say I left most days happier and with the strong feeling that they did, too.”

We are so proud of both of these amazing young women and appreciative of the work they did with our girls this summer. We don’t know where their futures will lead and what they will accomplish, but we do know that they will continue to give back and be role models for young women.

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