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July 20, 2016

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Today the Digital Team is celebrating a major milestone. We’re dropping the welcome mat outside Boston's new digital front door.

After 11 months of work behind the scenes and in the open on our pilot site, we’ve launched a redesigned We recognize this milestone is exactly that — a point along the journey, not the end of it.

If you recall our bloated Jenga metaphor, we’re not just redesigning the City’s website, we’re changing the way we approach digital tools as a whole. While we are proud of how far we’ve come today, the process that begins now is the really exciting part. With a live, useable website we can begin testing and experimenting as the site grows and changes. We can apply our digital principles and put them to the test as new challenges arise.

Some things, however, won’t change. You had a say in the development of our site before launch and you will have a say going forward—that’s why we’ve created There, you can check out our road map to see what’s coming, send us your ideas and share feedback, as well as vote on others’ suggestions. All of this will shape the evolution of the site.

As for the current site, as you explore what’s new you likely notice some gaps. With any new website, there will be bugs and we’ll need your help finding them. If you find a problem, let us know using the FEEDBACK tool (upper right of the website). Content and transactions will also continue to migrate to the new design over the coming weeks. The Digital Team will be launching a robust translation tool, a more feature-rich calendar, and a solution for maps as we learn more about the requirements for each.

So while we are taking some time to celebrate the work so far, we hope you’ll take a tour of the new website and discover lots to love or maybe a few things to fix. Whichever you find, tell us all about it at We’re always listening.