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Where should 'Topic' pages live on

January 19, 2016

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We’ve already received lots of feedback about the pilot site, but now you have a chance to get directly involved in the process.

Sorting card exercise

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We’re testing out how we categorize our “Topic” pages, and we could use your input.

Topic pages are based on how a resident thinks about an issue, and feature curated content from across multiple City departments. How we sort these pages is an important aspect of the redesign.

You can help us categorize topic pages by filling out this quick survey. Share the link with anyone in your network you think might be interested in the redesign of the City’s website. We want to find out the most user-friendly way of making everything fit on

On the left side of the survey you will see a list of topics, and on the right side, you will see a list of categories. Just drag the topic from the left side to the category on the right that you think fits best. If you don’t see a category that you think works, you can create your own.

We’ll also be sending out a survey soon on how best to structure through our navigation and menus, so stay tuned for that. We can’t stress enough how important your feedback is as we develop, and we’ll continue to need your help.