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Your first look at a redesigned

We’ve talked before about the importance of listening to users in designing a website. Today, we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

Image for pilot boston gov screenshot

We launched a pilot version of the redesigned City website — — so you can preview the designs and ideas we’re currently working on, and give your feedback as we continue to develop and build

You might have noticed that we created a new way of organizing content through “Topics.” Topic pages feature curated content based on residents’ lives and their individual needs rather than City Hall’s organization. The goal is to gather information from across departments and present it in one place, rather than burying those resources in department pages as they are now.

The three topics we’ve picked to start with on the pilot site — “Starting a Business,” “Having a Car in the City,” and “Winter is Coming” — are just the beginning. Where should we go next? Please, let us know and vote at the bottom of the homepage. Your input is crucial as we move forward with this project.

As we add more content in the coming months, additional ways of navigating the site will appear, including additions to the fixed navigation bar on top and the side menu. For now, we hope you’ll take a look at what we’re working on and let us know what you think — email us at We want to know what you love, and hate, about the site as we continue to develop.

The release of the pilot site is just one step in creating a more welcoming and useful website for the City. You’re going to see us testing out ideas here and not everything we put out there is going to make the cut. We plan to make changes based on your feedback — the good and the bad.

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