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Last updated: 12/01/2016 - 11:29am

Beacon Hill Architectural Commission Hearing

The commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, December 15, 2016.

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit at City Hall after 5:30 p.m.)

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Review and Ratification of the November 17, 2016 Minutes
  2. Design Review

    17.404 BH - 25 Beacon Street (Continuance from 10/2016)

    Applicant: Chris Pitman, CBT Architects (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: Install a wire mesh on the interior side of the sixth floor balconies on both the south and east façades.

    17.531 BH - 89 Beacon Street (Continuance from 11/2016)

    Applicant: Eric Hersum, Back Bay Properties Corp. (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: Dismissal of outstanding Notice of Violation for the “partial demolition of rear garden wall visible from Brimmer Street”; and to install paneled wood garage doors with a black painted finish.

    17.543 BH - 52 Beacon Street

    Applicant: John Day, LDa Architecture and Interiors

    Proposed Work: Construct a roof deck on the main roof; install wire mesh behind the stone balustrade; install one new door opening on the rooftop addition; modify door and window openings; remove a non-historic chimney at the rear of the Beacon Street bldg.; window replacement; masonry restoration; and replace copper gutters and leaders in-kind.

    17.422 BH - 45 Temple Street (Continuance from 11/2016)

    Applicant: David Raftery, JDMD Owner, LLC (Applicant)

    Proposed Work: Modify the north, east and west façades; create a passageway between Temple Street and Ridgeway Lane; and construct a rooftop addition with a roof deck.

  3. Administrative Review

    17.539 BH - 5 Acorn Street: Remove the roof deck; and replace the roofing membrane system and flashing in-kind.

    17.651 BH - 74 Beacon Street: Install one fan and one vent on the clay chimney pots on the chimneys.

    17.652 BH - 39 Brimmer Street: Replace nine one-over-one storm windows with a bronze finish on the rear façade.

    17.493 BH - 10 Charles River Square: Replace the roofing membrane system and copper gutters in-kind.

    17.616 BH - 21 Charles River Square: Repoint.

    17.194 BH - 71 Chestnut Street, Apt. G: Restore two paired multi-light wood casement windows with a black painted finish at the garden level fronting Chestnut Street.

    17.499 BH - 142 Chestnut Street: Replace two eight-over-eight, double-hung wood windows with a black painted finish at the fourth floor.

    17.619 BH - 69 Myrtle Street: Replace the former wood signband above the first floor window fronting Garden Street in-kind.

    17.542 BH - 70 Myrtle Street: Rebuild two brick chimneys with terracotta chimney pots in-kind.

    17.513 BH - 82 Phillips Street: Repoint; clean the masonry façade using a mild detergent; and re-caulk and repaint the windows off-white.

    17.529 BH - 75 Revere Street: Repaint front door dark green; replace deteriorated portions of the wood entryway surround in-kind and repaint light beige.

    17.555 BH - 3 West Cedar Street: Restore the existing wood door and trim in the garden wall and repaint black.

    17.541 BH - 6 West Cedar Street: Repoint a portion of the chimney; and temporarily remove a portion of the slate shingles and dormer face trim in order to replace the copper flashing.