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City Council Committee on Ways and Means Hearing on Dockets #0480-0486, FY23 Budget: Public Health Commission

One of a series of hearings to review the FY23 Budget. The focus of this hearing is the FY23 budget for the Boston Public Health Commission. This hearing will cover topics including Child, Adolescent & Family Health, Community Initiatives, and Infectious Disease.

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Dockets #0480-0482

    Orders for the FY23 Operating Budget, including annual appropriations for departmental operations, for the School Department, and for other post-employment benefits (OPEB).

  2. Docket #0483

    Orders for capital fund transfer appropriations.

  3. Dockets #0484-0486

    Orders for the Capital Budget, including loan orders and lease-purchase agreements.

    These matters were sponsored by Mayor Michelle Wu and were referred to the Committee on April 13, 2022. 

    NOTICE:  The Boston City Council may have a quorum in attendance due to standing committees of the City Council consisting of both voting and non-voting members.  However, members attending this duly posted meeting are participating and deliberating only in conjunction with the business of the standing committee.

    Public Testimony 

    Public testimony is integral to the Council’s budget review process. There are several ways you may testify:

    Email written testimony to the Committee email. Written testimony will be made a part of the record and available to all councilors.

    Record and upload a video using our online submission form. Videos submitted two business days in advance or more of the relevant departmental or public testimony hearing will be played then. If your video is submitted past the deadline it will be played during the next dedicated public testimony hearing.

    Testify live at the hearing in person or via Zoom. The public can also testify at budget review hearings in person or via Zoom. Public testimony will be taken at the end of each departmental hearing, and at two dedicated public testimony hearings. Check the budget review schedule.

    If you would like to testify in person, please join us in the Iannella Chamber, Fifth Floor, Boston City Hall during the hearing where you'd like to testify. Sign up on the sheet near the chamber entrance when you arrive.

    If you would like to testify virtually, sign up in advance using our online sign-up form, and a staff member will be in touch with the hearing’s Zoom information. 

    Additional information is available at:

    Staff Contact: Michelle A. Goldberg, Director of Legislative Budget Analysis



    Broadcast on Xfinity 8/RCN 82/Fios 964 and streamed at:

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