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Heat Emergency in Boston
Mayor Wu announced a heat emergency in the City of Boston through Wednesday, July 17. Cooling centers will be open at 14 BCYF community centers Monday through Wednesday, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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Beacon Hill Architectural Commission

The Beacon Hill Architectural Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, June 20, 2024, at 5 p.m.

ATTENTION: This hearing will only be held virtually and NOT in person. You can participate in this hearing by going to our Zoom Meeting or calling 1-929-205-6099 and entering meeting id # 954 3185 9436. You can also submit written comments or questions to

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics



    Proposed Work: Ratification of unapproved handrail.


    APP # 24.1065 BH 77 REVERE STREET

    Proposed Work: Rebuild roof deck.

    APP # 24.1091 BH 46 PINCKNEY STREET

    Proposed Work: Remove existing woven wire security grates and install wrought iron security grilles to match layout of existing sash sets at three ground floor windows. New grills to be painted white to match windows.

    APP # 24.1087 BH 160 MOUNT VERNON STREET (Determined By Staff to Be Exempt)

    Proposed Work: Repair roof and walls; add 4.5 s.f. roof over existing open alcove; adjust slope of roof, raising south end by 16"; no change to footprint.

    APP #24.0970 BH 40-42 MOUNT VERNON STREET

    Proposed Work: In unit 3B, replace three, 1 over 1 windows with three, 1 over 1, wood, double hung windows with no low-e glass. Replace two double doors in kind. 

    APP # 24.1083 BH 46 CHESTNUT STREET

    Proposed Work: Restore and replace windows in existing masonry openings. New windows in new masonry openings.  New exterior downlights, new roof deck with black metal railings. New copper-clad head house.


    APP # 24.1074 BH   50 BRIMMER STREET: Repoint brick and front and rear of the property. Mortar to match existing (historic) in color and dimensions. 

    APP # 24.1071 BH   29A CHESTNUT STREET: At front facade replace four existing glass panes believed to be from the mid 1800’s that are cracked/broken. These windows will be carefully removed & on site we will cut new period correct glass. Remove the existing broken glass, clean the existing glass rabbets & set in new glass. Then glaze the exterior glass openings in oil based glazing, prime & paint to match: semi-gloss black. The side/east elevation have replacement windows with insulated glass units, the proposal would be to keep the existing sash as they are in good condition and replace the failed IG units in kind: black 1/4” air spacer & clear glass. The South facing facade inside the garden has what we believe to be an early 1900’s leaded glass wall that is in great condition proposed to replace one small piece of glass that is broken with early 1900’s glass (slight refraction) and imperfections. This is a service project to existing sash that has broken glass or failed insulated glass units. All the exterior will be painted in kind and glazed to match the existing.  

    APP # 24.0910 BH   68 CHESTNUT STREET: At front entryway, repair paneling and molding in kind. Repaint lead detail and windows and door trim in kind, repaint the door in kind, restore door hardware. 

    APP # 24.1041 BH   37 HANCOCK STREET: Repair trim on oriel in kind, replace existing storms in kind.

    APP #24.1026 BH   8 MOUNT VERNON PLACE: Replace existing intercoms at front and rear door with new intercom system which meets the district standards for intercom systems.

     APP # 24.1036 BH   74 MYRTLE STREET: Re-secure all loose areas on the fire escape with new steel bolts. Clean & remove deteriorated cement from bracket supports. Reapply masonry to bracket supports to properly secure. Scrape off old paint & rust from all 4 fire escape balconies. Apply black paint to all 4 fire escape balconies.

    APP # 24.1081 BH   38 PINCKNEY STREET:  Install new copper flashing, repair/replace deteriorating wood moldings in kind. Paint to match existing, clean/repair masonry as needed.

    APP # 24.1080 BH   41 PINCKNEY STREET: At second floor oriel, remove & restore the existing windows fully strip, all existing glazing removed. Glass will be saved if possible on all glass openings. New insulated glass units will be fabricated with older glass at the exterior or glass units & all glass openings. The existing sash will be planned for the meeting rails to meet again at the center line as well as integrate black weather stripping as the bay has dropped a bit over the years. Sash will be re-glazed at all glass openings and router cuts to suit new glass. Existing sash depth of: 1 3/4” will remain. New mahogany parting beads will be fabricated and installed. All sash will be painted semi-gloss black paint at exterior. New sash parts may be needed. Mahogany, solid block & routed to existing profile to match. Mortise & tenons will be fixed, glued & pegged to solidify the existing sash.  

    APP # 24.1084 BH   41 PINCKNEY STREET: Restore existing two story bay and dormers in kind.  

    APP # 24.1046 BH   127 PINCKNEY STREET: Temporarily remove shutters on property due to safety issues.

    APP # 24.1059 BH   77 REVERE STREET: Replace two (non-historic)  top floor (4th) windows with two new mahogany, true divided lite sash sets keeping the existing jambs, wood sills & brick moldings. The new sash sets would be fabricated from wood, mortise & tenon, solid block wood. The windows will be double hung and true divided lite & using clear (no low-e) glass. The sash will be glazed at the exterior & painted semi-gloss black to match the existing color at the exterior.

    APP # 24.0966 BH  2 ROLLINS PLACE:  New (copper) edge metal on Eaves. Strip-in edge metal. Install new copper reglets on both chimneys. Install new (copper) parapet.

    APP # 24.1056 BH   21 WEST CEDAR STREET: Remove eight historic windows on the property, delead and repaint in kind. Reinstall windows.

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