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Last updated: 07/25/2017 - 4:51pm

Beacon Hill Architectural Commission Hearing

The Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, August 17, 2017.

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit at City Hall after 5:30p.m.)

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Discussion Item

    District regulations, specifically in regards to windows, masonry repairs, awnings, and tree guards.

  2. Violations

    18.032 BH - 9 Willow Street
    Applicant: John Corey
    Proposed Work: Ratify the replacement of the “Willow Court” signage on the side façade without prior BHAC approval (VIO.BH.133).

  3. Design Review

    17.1345 BH - 38 Lime Street (Continued from 6/2017)
    Applicant: Tyla Vercollone
    Proposed Work: Install bluestone pavers, an outdoor kitchen, and a gas-fired table on the side terrace; and install planters on the sidewalk.

    17.1511 BH - 14 David G. Mugar Way (Continued from 7/2017)
    Applicant: David Hacin, Hacin + Associates
    Proposed Work: Construct a four-story addition; install signage; modify landscaping; and change the paint color of the existing windows.

    17.1036 BH - 7 Acorn Street (Continued from 7/2017)
    Applicant: Adam Wylie, Mayhew Project Management & Consulting
    Proposed Work: Modify a window opening to accommodate a door at the first floor on the rear façade and install a balcony; and remove the fencing in the rear yard.

    18.012 BH - 69 Beacon Street
    Applicant: Elizabeth Vizza, Friends of the Public Garden
    Proposed Work: Install a bathroom vent at the first floor on the rear façade.

    18.131 BH - 21 South Russell Street
    Applicant: Monika Pauli, Pauli & Uribe Architects LLC
    Proposed Work: Replace all of the windows on the front façade; remove the window grille at the first floor; install louvered wood shutters with a black painted finish; replace front entry door and garden level door in-kind; repoint; replace the slate shingles and copper gutter in-kind; and additional work at the non-visible rear façade.

  4. Administrative Review

    18.031 BH - 71 Brimmer Street: Replace the concrete apron at the driveway in-kind.
    18.133 BH - 20 Charles River Square: Reglaze and repaint the windows black on the front and rear façades; and replace all of the black storm windows in-kind.
    18.152 BH - 103 Charles Street: Replace roofing membrane system and copper flashing in-kind.
    18.132 BH - 127 Charles Street: Install a new wood sign panel "PARIDAEZ" with a white background and black lettering and trim affixed to the existing metal bracket.
    18.018 BH - 19 Chestnut Street: Repair and repaint the front door black.
    18.065 BH - 20 Chestnut Street: Replace the copper gutters and leaders on the front façade in-kind.
    18.130 BH - 56 Chestnut Street: Replace front entryway door hardware, mailbox slot, knocker, and numbers with brass hardware; replace the pendant light fixture with an antiqued gilt finish; replace the basement door hardware with brass hardware; and replace the full height windows screens with half height screens with a white finish.
    18.106 BH - 46 Joy Street: Replace the copper gutter on the Smith Court façade in-kind.
    18.077 BH - 13 Louisburg Square: Salvage and reset the existing brick pavers in-kind in order to replace utilities below the sidewalk.
    18.134 BH - 112 Mount Vernon Street: Repoint chimney; replace copper siding on the oriel in-kind; and replace roofing membrane system on the flat roof at the rear.
    18.125 BH - 126 Myrtle Street: Paint wood front entry stairs black, front door dark teal, and the trim off-white.
    17.1496 BH - 128 Myrtle Street: Paint front door dark red and surrounding trim off-white; replace the brass kickplate and street numbers in-kind; and refinish the existing mail slot.
    18.046 BH - 12 Pinckney Street: Repoint; replace one louvered wood shutter with a black painted finish at the second floor in-kind; and replace the roofing membrane system, copper flashing, and gutters in-kind.
    17.1490 BH - 87 Pinckney Street: Replace deteriorated slate shingles, copper flashing, copper gutters, copper cladding on front of dormers, copper flat seam roof up to dormers in-kind; remove rubber roof on bay and install flat seam copper roof; install ice & water shield; reattach roof deck; repoint side facade; and repaint front door, windows, and railings black and the entryway trim off-white.
    18.103 BH - 100 Pinckney Street: Repoint side façade; and replace the leader on the rear façade with a copper leader.
    18.064 BH - 101 Pinckney Street: Replace the glazing with antique laminated safety glazing within the front entryway and repaint the entryway infill black.
    18.105 BH - 115 Pinckney Street: Repoint select areas of rear facade; clean facade; and replace copper leader in-kind.
    18.135 BH - 33 Revere Street: Replace the copper gutter at the front façade in-kind.
    17.1407 BH - 33 South Russell Street: Reset and replace broken slate shingles in-kind; and replace wood fascia, copper flashing, gutters, ridge cap, and skylights in-kind on the front facade; and replace the non-visible roofing membrane system on the flat roof and the non-visible rear fascia with Azek.
    18.033 BH - 2 West Cedar Street: Replace deteriorated brownstone at the entryway surround with tinted precast concrete units; and repair and repaint wood trim off-white to match existing.
    17.1460 BH - 16 West Cedar Street: Repoint side façade.
    18.124 BH - 28 West Cedar Street: Extend Certificate of Appropriateness 16.233BH administrative review approval for replacing six units of wood window sash in-kind until September 17, 2018.
    18.102 BH - 70 West Cedar Street: Replace five one-over-one storm windows with a black finish at the first and third floors.

  5. Review and Ratification of July 20, 2017 Minutes
  6. Staff Updates