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Last updated: 08/18/2017 - 11:14am

Fort Point Channel Landmark District Commission Hearing

The Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, September 14, 2017.

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit at City Hall after 5:30 p.m.)

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Discussion Item

    Amending Section 8.0 Recommendations of the Fort Point Channel Landmark District Study Report, specifically regarding commissioner nominations.

  2. Design Review

    18.095 FPC - 47 Farnsworth Street
    Applicant: Jean-Claude Tetreault, Trillium Brewing
    Proposed Work: Modify openings, construct a roof deck and bulkhead, and install signage.

    18.267 FPC - 253 Summer Street
    Applicant: Kevin Burke, Burke + Design
    Proposed Work: Install signage ("253") on the Melcher Street, Summer Street, and channel façades.

    18.269 FPC - 253 Summer Street
    Applicant: Michael McGowan, Bergmeyer Associates, Inc.
    Proposed Work: Relocate a Harborwalk sign and install wall-painted signage (“Lolita”) on the Harborwalk and channel façades, and an illuminated metal sign panel at the rear façade.

    18.268 FPC - 253 Summer Street
    Applicant: Stephen McDermott, CBI Consulting, Inc.
    Proposed Work: Modify a loading bay opening at the rear façade; install metal plates within the former window openings in the Harborwalk (channel façade); and general masonry repairs to all façades including repointing, replacing deteriorated face brick in-kind, and repairing cracks in the stone and brick faces using an injection grout mortar.

    18.087 FPC - 51 Sleeper Street
    Applicant: Lee Cooper, Hopsters Brewing Company
    Proposed Work: Installing paired aluminum and glass doors and transom with applied logos and "51" on the glazing; replacing an exhaust duct with a flush rimless grille; installing a signband with halo-lit logo and lettering ("Hopsters Brewing Co.") on two façades; installing hop finials on the existing patio railing and lighting on the brick piers.

  3. Administrative Review

    18.016 FPC - 21 Wormwood Street: Replace sixteen non-historic light fixtures on various secondary façades with new black LED fixtures.

  4. Review and Ratification of August 10, 2017 and August 24, 2017 Minutes
  5. Staff Updates