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Last updated: 08/18/2017 - 4:35pm

Boston Landmarks Commission Hearing 9/26/2017

The commission will hold its monthly public design review hearing on Tuesday, September 26, 2017.
The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics

  1. Design Review - 4:00 p.m.

    18.244.16        Blackstone Block (Casalinga)
    Applicant: Robert Santini, Owner of Casalinga
    Proposed work: Installation of Casalinga Signage

    18.309.141      Sears Building (Landmark Center)
    Applicant: Abe Menzin, SVP of Development, Landmark Center
    Proposed work: Revised new construction within Protection Area

    18.233.72        St. Gabriel’s Monastery
    Applicant: John Sullivan, Cabot Cabot & Forbes
    Proposed work: Exterior restoration of St. Gabriel’s Monastery

    16.1445.223    Christian Science Complex (Mass. Ave. Plaza)
    Applicant: Robert A. Herlinger, The First Church of Christ, Scientist
    Proposed work: Massachusetts Avenue Plaza renovation

    18.195.223      Christian Science Complex
    Applicant: Brooke Ten Eyck, Project Manager
    Proposed work: Removal of four Linden trees from the Publishing House entrance and installation of new trees

    18.292.90        Five Clocks (9 Chelsea Street, East Boston)
    Applicant: Richard Lynds, Attorney, Linear Realty
    Proposed work: Relocation of Historic Clock from Maverick Square to Central Square in East Boston

  2. Administrative Review/Approval

    ► Applicants whose projects are listed under this heading NEED NOT APPEAR at the hearing. Please see agenda for details. If you have any questions, please contact staff at 617-635-3850 or

    14.025 (175.14.01) Old State House
    Applicant: Matt Ottinger, Director of Facilities & Historic Preservation, Bostonian Society
    Proposed work: Extension request for signage already approved by BLC

    18.263.187      Loring-Greenough House
    Applicant: Edward Stanley, Chair of House Committee
    Proposed work: Restoration and replacement of kitchen cabinets

    18.297.223      Christian Science Complex (101 Belvidere)
    Applicant: Brook Ten Eyck, First Church of Christ, Scientist
    Proposed work: Installation of Life Safety Fall Protection at fourth floor of 101 Belvidere

    18.298.223      Christian Science Complex (235 Huntington Avenue)
    Applicant: Brook Ten Eyck, First Church of Christ, Scientist
    Proposed work: Repairs of spiral ramp in garage at 235 Huntington Avenue

    18.301.56        Back Bay Fens
    Applicant: Christopher Cook, Commissioner, Parks and Recreation Department
    Proposed work: Restoration of the Westland Avenue Gateway area, including conservation of Johnson Gates, associated walls, stone work, and lawns

    18.308.142      Emerald Necklace (Jamaica Pond Boat House)
    Applicant: Nathan Frazee, Boston Parks and Recreation Department
    Proposed work: Installation and connection of two floating docks to the existing floating dock

    18.145 BSR     58 Deerfield Street
    Applicant: Edoardo Fragale, Fragale Building Corp.
    Proposed work: Resurfacing and repair of existing stairway

    18.173 BBW/BSR       465 Commonwealth Avenue
    Applicant: Richard Roofing, Co., LLC
    Proposed work: Replace existing roof with EPDM roof; replace existing headhouse siding with copper; replace existing deck with new Azek decking and railing

    18.237 AB      1610 Commonwealth Avenue
    Applicant: Daniel McMyler Trust
    Proposed Work: Ratify outstanding signage violation (La Catrina and Brighton Cleaners issued 11/2014) and remove the painted mural on the side façade that was installed without AACDC review and approval using a chemical paint remover and low water pressure

  3. Business Hearing - 6:00 PM

    1. Discussion and Vote on Design Review Applications

    2. Review and ratification of 09/12/2017 meeting minutes

    3. Demolition Delay Hearing: 1173 Adams Street, Dorchester
    Agenda item removed at applicant's request
    Application # 18.240D2247
    Applicant: Denis Keohane, Trustee, 177 West Seventh Street Realty Trust
    Re: Review of proposed demolition of single-story commercial structure in Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts

    4.  Property Updates and Staff Reports

  4. Projected Adjournment - 7:30 PM