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Trustee of the Local 1952 Housing Trust Fund

The City of Boston has a variety of boards and commissions. Each work with internal departments and the public to serve the City.

Each board or commission has a specific number of members. Members go through an application process to ensure they have the expertise and passion for serving. Active members may become holdovers if their official term is up, but there is no new applicant to take their place. 

Serving on a board or commission is one of the most impactful ways Bostonians can become active in their community. Read our guide if you are interested in applying. 

Commission Information

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Current members

Member Appointed Expires Status
William Onouha 2/12/2019 1/12/2020 Holdover
Bethany Serota 2/12/2019 1/12/2020 Holdover
Domonique Williams 2/12/2019 1/12/2020 Holdover
Brian Doherty 2/12/2019 1/12/2020 Holdover
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