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Last updated: 11/4/16

Beacon Hill Architectural Commission Hearing

The commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, November 17, 2016.



4:00 PM                        

17.530 BH         28 Hancock Street

     Applicant: Blair Toland, Tall Guy Woodworking Inc. (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Construct a larger headhouse and roof decks; relocate the mechanical equipment to the roof of the new headhouse; and replace the roofing membrane system.

4:15 PM                        

17.531 BH          89 Beacon Street

     Applicant: Eric Hersum, Back Bay Properties Corp. (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Dismissal of outstanding Notice of Violation for the “partial demolition of rear garden wall visible from Brimmer Street”.

4:30 PM                        

17.408 BH          94 Beacon Street, Apt. 2

      Applicant: Ilana Leighton (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Replace a roof deck and wood railing on the rear extension with a painted steel railing.

4:45 PM                        

17.419 BH             10 Hancock Street

Applicant: Lori Mahmud (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Construct a roof deck and stairs.

5:00 PM                        

17.422 BH             45 Temple Street

Applicant: David Raftery, JDMD Owner, LLC (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Modify the north, east and west façades; create a passageway between Temple Street and Ridgeway Lane; and construct a rooftop addition with a roof deck.


17.539 BH     5 Acorn Street: Remove the roof deck; and replace the roofing membrane system and flashing in-kind.

17.493 BH     10 Charles River Square: Replace the roofing membrane system and copper gutters in-kind.

17.194 BH     71 Chestnut Street, Apt. G: Restore two paired multi-light wood casement windows with a black painted finish at the garden level fronting Chestnut Street.

17.499 BH     142 Chestnut Street: Replace two eight-over-eight, double-hung wood windows with a black painted finish at the fourth floor.

17.542 BH     70 Myrtle Street: Rebuild two brick chimneys with terracotta chimney pots in-kind.

17.513 BH     82 Phillips Street: Repoint; clean the masonry façade using a mild detergent; and re-caulk and repaint the windows off-white.

17.529 BH     75 Revere Street: Repaint front door dark green; replace deteriorated portions of the wood entryway surround in-kind and repaint light beige.

17.541 BH     6 West Cedar Street: Repoint a portion of the chimney; and temporarily remove a portion of the slate shingles and dormer face trim in order to replace the copper flashing.