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Imagine Boston 2030

Imagine Boston 2030 defines a vision for Boston leading up to its 400th birthday and beyond.

Imagine Boston 2030 is Boston's first citywide plan in 50 years. Shaped by more than 15,000 residents, we've created a framework to preserve and enhance Boston.


The general plan of 1965 sought to convince people that Boston’s decline had ended. Fast-forward to today, and it’s clear that Boston has undergone an incredible transformation.

Today, Boston is in a uniquely powerful position to create quality jobs, strengthen our competitive economy, add the housing our city needs to become more affordable, and prepare for climate change. To achieve this vision, we'll embrace growth as a way to address our challenges and make the City stronger and more inclusive.


Imagine Boston 2030 has set the following goals to guide implementation and evaluate success:

  • encourage affordability, reduce displacement, and improve quality of life
  • increase access to opportunity
  • drive inclusive economic growth
  • promote a healthy environment and prepare for climate change, and
  • invest in open space, arts and culture, transportation, and infrastructure.

how we will achieve these goals


How we're getting it done

growth and enhancement

Imagine Boston identifies types of places for growth and enhancement. Today, Boston can be thought about as three distinct types of places:

  • existing neighborhoods
  • the commercial core, and
  • edge areas.

We will enhance neighborhoods and continue to encourage a mixed-use core. We’ll do this while expanding neighborhoods. We must also create a resilient and inclusive waterfront for future generations. We want to expand access to opportunity and reduce disparities along the Fairmount Corridor.

Taking Action

Imagine Boston 2030’s action areas are physical locations where initiatives come together to respond to key opportunities and challenges. They are the physical embodiment of Boston's boldest aspirations: a set of initiatives that, when implemented in the same location, will achieve multiple goals. The Boston Planning & Development Agency's planning initiatives are instrumental in the fulfillment of the vision and goals defined by the process.

Learn more about the Imagine Boston 2030 implementation.

Imagine Boston 2030 Metrics

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Metrics Dashboard

The 14 metrics reflect the five goals created by residents.

dive into the details

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Imagine Boston 2030 data video

Learn more about how we're tracking progress with Imagine Boston 2030.

Watch the video

Upham's Corner activation

We aim to revitalize the culture, stimulate commerce, and celebrate the Fairmount Corridor connector as a vital cultural anchor. Learn more about the Upham's process.

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