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Condominium and Cooperative Conversion Ordinance

Learn about the Condominium and Cooperative Conversion Ordinance, and what it means for landlords and tenants.

About the ordinance

On March 8, 2021, the City of Boston amended the Condominium and Cooperative Conversion Ordinance (the “Conversion Ordinance”) of 1999. The ordinance applies to any residential property built before December 1983 that has four or more rental units, where the owner intends to convert the property to a residential condominium or cooperative use. This would be done either through:

  • the conversion of the existing units, or
  • through the demolition of the current units and replacement of them with a new condominium or cooperative building.

The ordinance requires that tenants be provided notice of the intent to convert. The notice informs tenants of the rights and benefits they have in a conversion. All tenants have certain rights. Tenants who meet certain eligibility requirements have additional rights. Tenants eligible for additional rights are those who are:

Conversion Process

The conversion process begins as soon as the owner forms an intent to convert the property to a condominium or cooperative. The owner must immediately provide tenants a one-year notice. 

The ordinance requires any landlord planning to convert a property with four or more residential units into condominiums or a cooperative to secure a:

  • Conversion Plan from the Mayor's Office of Housing, and
  • Conversion Permit from the Inspectional Services Department.

Fees for the Conversion Plan and Permit are $1,000 per unit, payable to the City of Boston, upon applying for a Conversion Plan.

Read the full ordinance

Landlord Application for a Conversion Plan

Landlords must apply to the Mayor's Office of Housing for a Condominium or Cooperative Conversion Plan, even if all the units are vacant. The landlord must submit an application within one month of notifying tenants of the intent to convert.


Contact information

If you have any questions or would like to submit documentation, please email or call 617-635-3880 to leave a message and get a call back.

Tenant Notification Form

Tenant Notification Form requirement

The ordinance requires landlords planning to end a tenancy agreement to convert a unit to a condominium or cooperative unit to provide the tenant with a Tenant Notification Form. The form spells out the tenant’s rights and benefits. 

Landlords are required to provide the tenant with the Notice in their primary language. It must be delivered as soon as the landlord has decided to convert a unit to a condominium or cooperative unit. A copy must also be supplied to the Mayor's Office of Housing. You can download and print the document below. The Tenant Notification Form is available in 11 languages.

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