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Engagement and Events for Older People

Staying active and engaged in your community is an important part of aging strong in the City.

We can connect you to programs and outings that enrich your life in Boston. We hold a number of events every year for older people in the city. These community events include our annual Mayor’s Walk, 50th Anniversary Celebration, and Senior First Night. For information about our upcoming events, call us at 617-635-4366.

Marchelle Raynor

"It's always fun to be active in the City of Boston!"
- Marchelle Raynor, 72

Other ways to stay engaged and connected

Mayor Janey with seniors

Mayor’s Advisory Council

Are you interested in having a say in the City’s priorities affecting the population of adults who are 60 and older? Consider joining our Advisory Council. Call 617-635-4366 for more information.

Volunteer opportunities

Your strong skills and experiences are needed in our city. We can connect you to a variety of volunteer opportunities based on your interests

Citations from the Mayor

Each year, the Mayor sends out hundreds of certificates and greeting cards to residents when they reach special milestones. Learn about how to get recognition from the Mayor, or call us at 617-635-4366.

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