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BCYF Youth Advisory Committee

The committee works to identify, discuss, and inform BCYF leadership on youth issues and programming.

How to apply

Boston high school students are invited to apply to BCYF Youth Advisory Committee (YAC). As a BCYF YAC member, youth will:

  • represent their BCYF community center
  • discuss issues affecting youth in their community, and offer positive solutions
  • work in collaboration with youth from across Boston
  • inform BCYF on youth programming needs, and
  • participate in community service projects.

Applications are currently closed. We expect to open up the application process soon!

What happens at the committee

Teens on the committee make positive changes in their neighborhoods through projects and volunteering.

Committee efforts Have included:
  • volunteering at City events, such as the Elderly Commission’s New Year’s event and the BCYF Citywide Swim Championship
  • attending a service day at the American Red Cross Food Pantry
  • attending a service leadership trip
  • providing a youth voice for projects at many organizations. Groups have included Urban Edge, The Mobility Project, and the Mass. Department of Mental Health, and
  • planning and putting in place events and programs for youth across Boston. 
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