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BCYF Senior Programs

BCYF Senior Programs take place in all BCYF centers. We also have two stand alone senior centers and five community centers with dedicated senior spaces.

About BCYF Senior Programs:

Boston’s older residents are woven throughout of the fabric of BCYF. They are active participants in our programs. Some volunteer for us. Others are employees in a variety of capacities throughout our department. We also see every day the important role older adults play in the lives of our young people.

Today’s seniors want to be active, learn new things, and keep up with technology. Our most popular programs reflect that. We learned that Pickleball was a growing trend among seniors when we started receiving requests to use our gym for games. Our computer labs are often filled with seniors who want to learn more about social media or how to use particular software. We also have a dedicated crew of senior swimmers who enjoy our many aquatics programs in our 18 pools.



We have partnerships with senior-serving agencies such as the City of Boston’s Age Strong Commission and Ethos. We are always looking for new ways to serve our older members. We welcome more partners to host programs and activities for seniors in our centers.

Partnership programs

With the help of our partners, we are able to support programs such as:

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