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FY20 Equity, Diversity, and Economic Mobility Priorities

The citywide resilience strategy aims to ensure every resident can reach their full potential regardless of their background, and to remove the barriers that hinder Bostonians from having access to opportunities.

The FY20 budget provides investments that ensure Boston is a city where everyone thrives.

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Small, Mobile, and Emerging Business

  • Beginning in 2019, the Economic Development Center will continue to connect residents with opportunities to grow and thrive. The Center provides workshops on equity and inclusion, small business development, and community economic impact.

  • The Office of Economic Development has also added a new business manager to ensure current and future mobile business owners have the resources and assistance they need.

  • The Economic Inclusion and Equity Agenda, the Mayor’s strategy for creating an inclusive economy in Boston, will be updated to address the needs of residents today.

  • The Emerging Industries program will expand with staff and resources to effectively manage and promote equity and inclusion in the cannabis industry.

  • The Language and Communication Access program will have increased capacity to work with City departments to provide interpretation, translation, and assistive technology. This investment affirms the City’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable city for all Bostonians.


As the 2020 U.S. Census draws closer, the City is investing to ensure that every person who lives in Boston is counted. The Census determines Congressional representation and how federal funding is allocated. The City will host community-based events to engage residents directly, and is purchasing equipment and materials to assist in outreach efforts.

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Diverse Public Safety Departments

The City knows that our commitment to serving residents means having Public Safety departments that are reflective of the city they serve. EMS will add a diversity officer to aid in recruitment and will provide 40 scholarships a year to city residents for an EMT training program.

The Police Department is building on the success of the Police Cadet Program that annually recruits a diverse group of young people. Of the 35 current police cadets, 66% are people of color and 34% are female. The City will add another class of 20 in the Spring of 2020. The Fire Department will look to add a new cadet program in FY20, once State law is changed.