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Latinx Employee Resource Group

The Latinx Employee Resource Group (ERG) serves as a network of employees at the City of Boston.

We are dedicated to building a supportive and uplifting environment, creating networking opportunities, engaging in professional development, discussing topics that affect our community, advocating for policy changes, volunteering our time, and being in familia with our members.

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About the Latinx Employee Resource Group

What we do:
  • Create space for mutual sharing of ideas, resources, and knowledge
  • Work together to advocate for policy changes that affect Latinos in the workplace
  • Highlight our work and accomplishments
  • Provide professional development workshops
  • Discuss issues around identity, historical and current struggles, and topics pertaining to racism, colorism, and anti-blackness
  • Celebrate our shared and diverse cultures, languages, music, food and traditions
  • Work with our community
  • Most importantly, strive to be en familia!
Our Members:
  • Take part in organizing events and celebrations
  • Work on initiatives that promote knowledge and awareness around our history, languages, and power as a voting block
  • Lead conversations and teach-ins on issues pertaining to our community
  • Support each other in navigating our work spaces
  • Learn about and celebrate the diversity found throughout Latin America and beyond!

Member profiles

Member profiles
  • Interested in Joining?

    Are you a City of Boston employee and want to join the Latinx ERG? 

     Sign-UP Form 

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