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Latinx Employee Resource Group

The Latinx Employee Resource Group (ERG) serves as a network of employees at the City of Boston.

We promote the cultural diversity and professional development of our members. By doing so, we hope to create a supportive environment for the Latinx community.

About the Latinx Employee Resource Group

What we do

Our groups aims to be a partner with the City of Boston. We want to promote cultural diversity and the inclusion of latinos and latinas. We work to advance the understanding and promote inclusion of employees who identify as "latinx."

We work to create an environment that creates a diverse community. We help City departments, labs, and centers to attract and recruit the best candidates. We also work to enhance the professional development of employees and recognize the achievements of our members.

Why Latin'x'?

Latinx (la-teen-ex) is a gender-neutral term we chose instead of Latino or Latina to include all employees. By using this term, we aim to bring to light the complexity and intersectionality of Latin American identities.

In Latin languages, the "o" or "a" at the end of a word represents the masculinity or femininity of that word. By using "x" instead, we include all employees.

We also use "Latinx" instead of "Hispanic." We do this to include non-Spanish speaking people from Brazil or the Caribbean, or those who are indigenous.

Interested in joining the Latinx ERG? You can sign up on the HUB or email to learn more. Please note: you must be an active employee at the City of Boston. This includes quasi-public agencies, like the Boston Planning & Development Agency and the Boston Public Health Commission.

We are Latinx

Learn more about a few of the members of the Latinx Employee Resource Group (ERG)!

Latinx member details
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