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Ricky C. Kue, MD, MPH

Associate Medical Director, Boston EMS

Dr. Ricky C. Kue joined Boston EMS as an Associate Medical Director in December 2009.  Prior to this role, he served as the Medical Director of the Johns Hopkins Lifeline Ground & Air Critical Care Transport in Baltimore, MD.  At Hopkins, he was also an Attending Emergency Physician and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Kue began his career in emergency medicine as a volunteer EMT-Basic in Ridgewood, Queens prior to medical school.  Originally a New York City native, Dr. Kue attended medical school at The State University of New York in Syracuse and worked as a Senior Paramedic at Rural/Metro Medical Services providing EMS for the City of Syracuse.  He completed a residency in Emergency Medicine and fellowship in EMS and Disaster Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, MA also earning a Masters in Public Health.  He is board certified in Emergency Medicine and sub-specialty board certified in EMS Medicine.

As a Lieutenant Colonel in the Unites States Army Reserve, Dr. Kue has deployed to Tikrit, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2008 and to Camp Buehring, Kuwait as Task Force Flight Surgeon in 2012.  He spends time teaching trauma care and tactical combat casualty care to military residents and medics.  Dr. Kue’s professional focus includes disaster medicine and emergency preparedness.  He is a medical team manager with the MA Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Task Force-1 and medical officer with the Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) MA-2.  Locally, Dr. Kue works with the Metro-Boston Region USAR Medics and is the tactical medical director for Boston PD SWAT.  He has completed various training programs such as the FEMA USAR Medical Specialist Course, CONTOMS Medical Director’s Course and CONTOMS EMT-T Provider course, the USAMRIID Chem/Bio Casualty Management Course and the DMRTI Combat Casualty Care Course.  Dr. Kue’s military education includes completion of the Command and General Staff College.

Dr. Kue is currently an Attending Emergency Physician at Boston Medical Center, as well as an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Boston University School of Medicine.  


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