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Last updated: 7/26/19

EV-Boston: electric vehicle resources

The City is looking ahead to accommodate all modes of transportation. This includes electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are cars or other vehicles powered completely, or in part, by electricity. They produce less pollution from the tailpipe, and often save people money.

We're taking steps to make sure electric vehicle drivers have access to safe and convenient places to charge in Boston. This effort is part of Boston’s Complete Streets mission. It's also part of our commitment to sustainability.

Interested in helping us out? Take part in the Boston Complete Streets initiative.

Still have questions? Contact:
1 City Hall Square
Room 709
Boston, MA 02201-2031
United States

Why drive an electric vehicle?

Electric benefits

Regardless of type, electric vehicles have many benefits, including:

  • a higher fuel economy than traditional vehicles
  • costing you less on average to refuel than traditional vehicles, and
  • less to no tailpipe emissions while driving on the road.

Electric vehicles are also safe and easy to recharge. You can plug them in at home, at the workplace, and public parking facilities.

Picking the right vehicle

You have many choices when it comes to choosing a vehicle. Along with vehicles fueled by gas, you can also choose:

City of Boston EV policy

In ​​all projects in the South Boston and Downtown parking freeze zones​, the Air Pollution Control Commission's current electric vehicle policy requires that:

  • 25 percent of parking spaces be equipped with EV chargers, and
  • 100 percent of remaining spaces be “EV-ready”, to the maximum extent practicable.

What does EV-ready mean? There is enough infrastructure to support installing charging stations in the future.

We encourage applicants to contact the commission to learn how their project can best meet this policy at

EV Charging Location
EV charging signs

The City of Boston has an approved electric vehicle charging sign. This sign must be used along with the white-on-blue parking “P” that guides drivers to public parking facilities. The sign advertises the existence of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. It’s based on the emblem created by the State of Massachusetts for their electric vehicle license plate.

The parking lot pictured here, located at One Merrimac Street, is the first facility in the City to install the sign. We encourage all public facilities that have public parking and charging stations to adopt the sign.

The sign design template is available from the City electronically. Contact the Environment Department at

News and updates

Boston's right to charge

At the October 18, 2017, City Council meeting, the council unanimously voted to file the Right to Charge as a home rule petition with the state. The home rule petition would allow condominium unit owners to install electric vehicle charging near their parking spaces.

Volkswagen Settlement

In 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a violation notice to Volkswagen. The company was using onboard computer software to cheat during vehicle emissions testing. Volkswagen settled with consumers and several states. These states are set to receive funds that represent how affected they were by cheating vehicles.​ Massachusetts is slated to receive $75 million. The settlement also requires Volkswagen to set up other funds to create charging networks and education programs to drive EV adoption in 11 metro areas, including Boston. 

There is money to be invested in:
  • growing the electric vehicle industry
  • providing access to zero-emission electric vehicles (ZEV)
  • more than 300 additional charging stations and 240 "fast charging" stations along our interstate corridor, and
  • supporting other electric vehicle projects to reduce vehicle emissions.