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Last updated: 9/10/19

Greenovate Boston Leaders

Our program gives you the materials and support you need to host climate discussions and actions in your neighborhood.

Our goal is to to increase awareness and understanding of climate impacts in Boston. You can join us by engaging in climate actions with your community group, organization, family, and friends. Are you ready to become a Greenovate Boston Leader?

How to become a leader

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Program updates

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Everyone is welcome to become a "leader."

Leaders attend a three-hour training on what the City is doing do address climate change. We walk you through how to share that information with your community. After the training, you and your fellow leaders will set up events in City neighborhoods. We want conversations that discuss what climate change means for communities, and what actions people want to take.

UPCOMING trainings

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About the Greenovate Leaders program

We train local residents to lead conversations on climate change in their communities. Our goal is to prepare all Boston residents for climate change. We work closely with communities to address the challenges of climate change to prepare all residents. There are different ways to take part in the program:

Attend a Community Leaders Training

All Bostonians are welcome to attend. You'll learn about what the City of Boston is doing do address climate change.

Become a Greenovate Ambassador

After you complete Greenovate Leaders training, you can apply to become a Greenovate Boston Ambassador. You'll be a voice for your community and lead group climate actions.

Host Equity Dialogues for your community

Our dialogues will discuss climate change and its affect on Boston's most vulnerable populations. Focus populations include:

  • communities of color and women
  • people facing homelessness,
  • persons with disabilities, and
  • older adults and youth.

We'll add materials to this page soon about how to host these events. Interested in learning more? Email David Corbie at for more information.

Greenovate Boston Leaders documents


We will add a Greenovate Boston Leaders Presentation and Facilitation Guide on October 14, 2019. Have questions? Please email David Corbie at

If you attended the Leaders training, find more support materials below. Email for access to the shared Google Drive.


Leaders attend a three-hour training on what the City is doing do address climate change, and how to share that information with their communities. This includes a mock presentation. Following the training, cohort members will work together to organize and facilitate actions chosen by the cohort. Each event should engage at least 30 community members with our resources in the following three months. Community members include:

  • family and friends
  • co-workers
  • students and youth groups, and
  • neighborhood associations.

Scholarships are available to support leaders in hosting their events. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please submit a budget proposal along with your event proposal form. 

Once you hold an event, you’ll submit a feedback form on your experience as a meeting host and the forms of those who attended your meeting. These forms help us better understand and address the concerns of specific neighborhoods and communities. They're a very important piece of the process. 

Please share any photos with us from the event as well using #GreenovateBOS. We will hold a final program gathering later in the spring to celebrate the second cohort’s great work raising awareness of climate change in Boston!


Scholarships are meant to compensate your time to organize and lead an event. They can also go toward event costs, such as food, printing materials, or space rentals.

WHAT IS THE Program timeline:
What kind of meeting should I host?

We don’t want to enforce any rules on you. Our goal is provide you with the resources you need to hold climate conversations. By working with us, you'll help us reach further into the Boston community than we’re able to. A meeting can be:

  • a gathering of friends
  • a lunch-and-learn session at work
  • an add-on to an existing community meeting or event, or
  • whatever else you have in mind.

If you can’t reach at least 30 people in one meeting, you can break it up into smaller group conversations. Be creative in your proposals, we want to support your ideas!

What if I can’t answer a question raised during a meeting?

We are not expecting you to be experts, just passionate and interested community leaders. The goal of these conversations is to share the findings of the Climate Ready Boston report and what the City is doing about climate change. We want conversations that discuss what climate change means for communities, and what actions people want to take. From your feedback forms, we’ll put together questions and answers to help future leaders. We'll also make sure to direct participants to the right resources.

How do I stay engaged after my community meeting?

There are many ways to stay involved, including:

  • apply to the Ambassador program

  • coming to the next leaders gathering
  • volunteering to help with the next round of leaders
  • posting and staying informed on our Facebook page
  • becoming a mentor to a new leader
  • updating us on how you're engaging with your community, and
  • continuing to spread the message. 

Leader spotlights

"I am proud to work in a city that is proactively facing the effects of climate change."
Climate Leader Spotlight, Sylvia Scharf
"I am excited to be part of this movement to educate myself and share information with my community."
Fabienne E. CRB Leader
"Climate Change is important to the Boston Caribbean community. It is important that we talk about it."
Leader Andrew Sharpe