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Anne Schwieger

Broadband and Digital Equity Advocate

Anne works with people across the City to figure out how we can make broadband work better for everyone. She believes Boston needs to be a place where everyone has options for affordable and fast broadband.

Anne's background is in city planning. She uses these skills to figure out how we can bring affordable broadband to residents.

“Not everything you want to get done requires new resources,” she says. Anne works with others to plan how the City can use existing resources to help more people get Internet access.

Anne believes that a city's best opportunities and innovations should benefit all who live in it. Before coming to Boston, she worked to build university-community partnerships in Philadelphia.

Anne's favorite thing about working for the City is working with so many different groups. This July, Boston participated in the Net Neutrality Day of Action, which involved a lot of collaboration across teams.

“I love the people I get to work with," Anne said. “It’s a joy coming to work.”

Anne is a city planner at heart. When asked what her favorite thing about Boston is, she said it was the City's walkability.  “I love walking around cities," she said. "It’s my preferred way of seeing things.”