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James Duffy

Digital Content Manager and Strategist
James Duffy joined the Digital Team in January 2016 as the Digital Content Manager. In this role, he's responsible for managing and publishing content for
His first major project was the City's redesign of last year. James worked to establish new language accessibility standards. These standards aimed to get the content on to an 8th grade reading level. This involved rewriting and migrating nearly one million words and 10,000 URLs.
James works with content editors from 60 departments across the City. He helps them create content that maintains these new standards.
“A lot of the work that I do is helping departments think about their online presence," James said. "Much of that has to do with web page layout, but it's also about getting them to ask themselves, 'What am I trying to say? Am I communicating in an accessible way?' "
James also meets and trains City employees on how to create and edit their own content on When it comes to creating content, different departments have different needs. Meeting with individuals has been the most helpful for people. James is always looking for ways to help departments communicate their message.
Before coming to work for the City, James was a content producer and homepage editor for the Boston Globe. He was responsible for deciding how best to present the Boston Globe product on the website.
James loves working for the city that he grew up in. He credits his job for giving him a new perspective and deeper appreciation for Boston.