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Homebuying 101

The Homebuyer 101 class is a requirement for many of our other classes and financing programs. The class certificate qualifies you to get financing help through the City. You can't use City of Boston financing for programs outside of Boston.

You can register for available Homebuying 101 workshops with any of the agencies listed in the table below. The class fee for Boston Home Center-sponsored workshops is $25 if you are a Boston resident and $50 if you live outside of the city.  Class fees for non-Boston Home Center workshops may vary between agencies. 

To be eligible for the funding, you can’t have owned a home within the last three years. You're not considered a first time homebuyer if you own a home in another state.

Anyone whose name will be on the mortgage needs to take the class. If you took a class with another certified CHAPA-approved buying service, we accept their certificate. Find out more about the financial help you can get.

Note: if the class you'd like to take has been filled, you may want to check with one of our approved partner agencies to see if they have an open class. You can also email us at

AGENCY: Contact Information: Register at the links below:
Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance (MAHA)  617-265-8995
1803 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA 02124
Financial Education Associates 

PO Box 240249 Boston, Massachusetts 02124
Allston Brighton CDC 

18R Shepard Street, Suit 100, Brighton, Massachusetts 02135



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