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Operation Exit Renew

We're working to uplift and create opportunities in Boston.

Operation Exit Renew (Release, Engage, Network, Employ, and Win) is a restorative justice program. It's built around returning citizens coming home after long-term incarceration. The program provides individuals with:

  • resume building skills, and
  • an opportunity to give back to their communities. 

About the program

Program background

Program participants help renew the lives of those in rehabilitation at various Gavin House locations. They fix and build furniture, paint, and perform household maintenance.

Through this program, the Gavin House receives much-needed services. We also provide participants income, support services, and resume building skills.

Who we work with

Candidates are identified and referred by the Federal Probation Department. If you're interested in learning more about the program, contact us at

Renew stats to date

Since the pilot in 2018, 19 men have come home and gone through this program. More than half are now fully employed.

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