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Blue Hill Avenue: Mattapan Square

The Blue Hill Avenue Transportation Action Plan reimagines how the corridor functions to improve the quality of life for residents and corridor users. The project extends from Mattapan Square to Warren Street. This page addresses the Mattapan Square Main Streets District section of the project.

We're working with local residents, business owners, and corridor users of all ages and abilities to reimagine how Blue Hill Avenue functions to better meet people's transportation needs. Our goal is to have a corridor that is green, resilient, economically vibrant, and reflective of the spirit and culture of the people who currently live in the neighborhoods that surround Blue Hill Avenue.

Mattapan Square Sidewalk

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Shared goals

Mattapan Square should feel safe and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities to walk, ride a bike, and take transit. It’s design should reflect the arts, culture, and history of the place. We want to honor the people who live, work, go to school, gather, and enjoy being part of the Mattapan community. Specific shared goals include:

  • Improve bus reliability and reduce travel time inequities by creating center-running bus lanes. We will work with the MBTA to develop this design and improve bus service.
  • Reduce heat island effects by preserving mature trees and planting new ones. Our team will work with the Boston Parks Department to determine tree locations, planting methods, and a tree maintenance strategy.
  • Improve walking conditions for older adults and persons with disabilities by creating safe, comfortable, and accessible bus stops, sidewalks, and street crossings. We will work with the Commission for Persons with Disabilities, and the Age Strong Commission to make sure we are following current best practices.
  • Construct high-quality bike facilities so that people can choose biking as a safe, convenient, and healthy travel mode. We will work with the City’s Blue Bikes manager, Boston’s Bike Mayor, and youth cycling organizations. We want to ensure that those who wish to ride have access to bikes, helmets, bike lights, repair events, and safety tips.
  • Contribute to a thriving small business community by providing short-term parking and loading. We'll work with Mattapan Main Streets and others to identify opportunities to incorporate local art and programs that celebrate the diverse cultures in Mattapan. We also want to highlight business owned by local Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC).
  • Minimize driver delay and communicate any expected changes with the community.


bha schedule page

  • Various forms of public outreach and engagement from now through the end of 2022
  • Concept design to be completed by start of 2022
  • 30% design started in early 2022 and completed by spring 2022
  • Permitting process completed by fall 2022
  • 100% design completed by spring 2023
  • Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E) approval and contractor selection by summer 2023
  • Construction started in fall 2023 and completed in fall 2025
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