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Curb Management

The City of Boston is implementing flexible curb management strategies to improve safety, increase access, and adapt to changing demands.

The use of ride-hailing, shared mobility services, e-commerce, and on-demand delivery has grown. Due to COVID-19, many restaurants have moved their operations outside. Curb lanes are being used as street cafes and temporary food takeout zones. And the City's population continues to expand. These factors have all led to increasing demand for limited curb space. The City designates most curb space as parking for private vehicles. This leaves little room for these other curb uses, which results in:
  • double parking in travel lanes
  • bus and bike lane blocking, and
  • increased congestion.
The City is improving mobility and safety through flexible curb management. We do this by balancing tradeoffs and using the available curb space to serve local needs.

Request Curb Changes

Is there curb space that you would like to see used differently? Reach out to the Curb Management Team to request changes to curb regulations. Examples of curb change requests include:

  • Installing a 15 min pick-up/drop-off space outside your busy restaurant.

  • Installing meters along your neighborhood's main streets district to increase parking availability throughout the day.

  • Installing a loading zone for commercial vehicles so that suppliers can deliver to your business without blocking traffic.

If you would like to request a curb change please fill out this form
After submitting your request a team member will follow up with you about next steps.
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