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Promoting early literacy in the City of Boston

ReadBoston is the City’s only comprehensive early literacy program. It reaches Boston’s children at all points in their day, all year long. We set Boston's children on the path to reading success by providing resources to:

  • schools, childcare programs,
  • community-based organizations, and
  • families in low-income and new-immigrant communities.

StoryMobile Program

ReadBoston’s Storymobile is a one-of-a-kind summer program that brings a diverse group of professional storytellers and new books to children, ages 3-8, in every Boston neighborhood. Audiences are treated to an interactive storytelling experience and every child chooses a new, age-appropriate book to take home.

Providing free, high-quality literacy programming and access to new books during the summer is critical as a way to counteract a phenomenon known as the “Summer Slide.” Research shows that children who live in low-income communities are more likely to lose ground in reading over the summer than their higher income peers. Studies show that children in low-income communities own an average of one book per 300 children while children in middle-class communities average 13 books per one child (Wong, Alia. “Where Books Are All But Nonexistent.” The Atlantic. July 14, 2016).

The Summer 2024 Storymobile program will be smaller than in previous years. Please email READBOSTON@BOSTON.GOV for more information.


Multilingual Resources

Multilingual Resources
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