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First-Time Homebuyer Program

This program provides eligible home buyers with a grant towards a down payment.

The First-Time Homebuyer Program provides income-eligible homebuyers in Boston with financial assistance. 

For qualified households, the grant amount is five percent of the purchase price (maximum of $50,000 for with those with income less than 100 percent of AMI, maximum of $35,000 for those with income between 101 and 135 percent of AMI), plus closing costs if applicable. 

Please use this button to register an account with the Boston Home Center and complete an application.

Apply for the First-Time Homebuyer Program

How to Qualify

To qualify for our programs, you need to plan to buy a one- to three-family residential property or condominium in Boston. The home must be your primary residency.

  • be a first-time homebuyer (you haven't owned a property in the past three years)
  • graduate from our Homebuying 101 class
  • get a first mortgage pre-approval from one of our participating mortgage lenders (mortgage loan must adhere to the Fannie Mae general loan limits)
  • have a household income less than 135 percent of AMI 
  • have assets less than $75,000

The Application Process

  1. Read all of the information above about the program you are applying for. Make sure you understand all of the program eligibility requirements, including income and asset limits.
  2. Read the program application and review the checklist. It includes important information about what you’ll need to include in order to submit that application.
  3. Register and complete the Homebuying 101 course. Completing the class is required to be eligible for any homebuyer loan program. Visit the Boston Home Center Classes page to connect with a class close to your neighborhood.
  4. Get a mortgage pre-approval from one of our participating mortgage lenders. Applicants are required to work with one of the approved lenders on the list to be eligible.
  5. Complete the First-Time Homebuyer Financial Assistance Application and submit your documents.
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