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COVID-19: Help for medical workers

Boston's medical professionals are helping our City face this pandemic. The programs and resources on this page have been made available to help them during this time.

Parking tickets waived on appeal

To make more parking spaces accessible for medical workers, tickets issued in near hospitals and care facilities will be waived on appeal during the course of this public health emergency.

You must appeal the ticket by emailing and sharing a copy of the ticket and your hospital ID.

  • This new policy is retroactive. The timeline for healthcare workers to appeal a ticket has been extended to six months. 
  • With this policy, if a healthcare worker gets a parking ticket for a non-public safety reason (for example, overstaying a meter), the City will waive the ticket upon appeal.
  • Exemptions do not include public safety violations, such as blocking a hydrant, sidewalk or handicap ramp.