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Apps to improve your well-being

November 6, 2017

Human Resources

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Human Resources

A round-up of healthy apps that we (the Employee Assistance Program) love to use — as well as suggest to clients, family, and friends. 

Meditation Studio

Here you can find simple guided meditations. One perk is they offer meditations for moms, teens, veterans, first responders, and other specific groups. You can also search by topic (stress, compassion, relationships, and more) to best suit your needs.  


An app that sends friendly reminders to your phone via a push notification. The helpful tracker is set up week by week. It helps users remember to take part in positive activities, such as walking outside, taking a bath, or reading a book. It’s sure to improve your well-being and mood.


Quick access to over 500,000 healthy recipes! Nutritional information is listed for all dishes. The search features, such as searching by ingredient or prep time, make it convenient to fit cooking into your lifestyle.

7 Cups of Tea

Trained listeners offer users emotional support via one-on-one chats. The listeners are not supposed to offer advice. Instead, they truly listen and validate your life experiences. There are also more than 40 trainings you can view. The trainings include topics like work-related stress, cultural diversity, and boundaries, to name a few. 

Thought Tracker

Thoughts pop into our head all day long. This app helps us organize and track them. You will be able to label thoughts into categories, such as family, worries, and spirituality, as well as create your own labels. Graphs and statistics give users helpful information about what’s going on in their continually changing minds.

Charity Miles

This app has two benefits:

  1. increasing your exercise, and
  2. helping those in need.

When you log into Charity Miles, you can choose an organization to support. The more you move, the more money the involved sponsors are donating to a great cause!


Ever had a personal goal feel too big? Too overwhelming? GoalsOnTrack is here to help! This app helps divide larger goals and tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces. It also has a journaling feature so users can track their feelings, get specific, and hold themselves accountable to becoming more productive. 

Relax Melodies

If you are having trouble getting restful sleep, or are stressed out, this app is for you. Relax Melodies, used by over 35 million people, offers the ability to customize soothing mixes to relax your body and mind, lulling you right to sleep.

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