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August is return-to-school month

This month, we look at helping prepare your children for returning to school or college this fall.

Following a difficult, tumultuous year and a half of mixed remote and in-person learning, parents and kids alike came away exhausted, with fewer summer options available and child care still at a premium. Now, as we move into the final month of summer, it is time once again to prepare for the return to school. While this year is planned to be all in person, there are still challenges and needs related to ongoing minimization of COVID-19 spread, such as the call to mandate masks in Boston schools for the 2021-2022 years.   

In addition, parents, many of whom have been affected negatively by the economic consequences of the pandemic, still need to provide school supplies, transportation, and support for their children going into the new year.  Beyond that, students and parents are both struggling with mental health support and preparing healthy habits for engaging in school. We wanted to highlight organizations devoted in 2021 to assisting parents (and to whom we recommend you donate if possible) with school supplies, and other resources for families going into the new school year.

Please feel free to reach out to us at the Employee Assistance Program with any other resources you feel would be good for this list, or if you have any questions or needs. We will see you in the fall!

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