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Election Department certifies candidates for Municipal Election


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Today, the Board of Election Commissioners certified 44 candidates for this year’s Municipal Election!

Keep in mind:

The list below is not final. The list will become final after July 5 if there are no withdrawals or objections.

To hold a preliminary for a local election, there has to be enough candidates on the ballot for a given contest. A Preliminary Election's purpose is to narrow down the number of candidates to the top two front runners of each contest.

This year there are four candidates for Mayor. This calls for a citywide Preliminary Municipal Election on September 26, 2017.

There will be no preliminary for the City Councilor-At-Large contest. The reason why is that there must be at least nine candidates running for the four seats. This year, there are four incumbents and four challengers for City Councilor-At-Large.

Four City Council Districts will hold preliminaries on September 26, 2017. Districts one, two, seven, and nine have all met the candidate requirement to call for a Preliminary Election. Each district race has at least three candidates running. But, the remaining five out of nine District City Council contests will not have a preliminary.

On July 13, 2017 the Boston Election Department will host the Ballot Position Drawing. This determines the order in which candidates names will appear on the Ballot for the Preliminary Municipal Election. The drawing is open to the public. We will also broadcast the drawing live from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. in Room 801 of Boston City Hall. You can watch the live broadcast on Comcast 24, RCN 13, and Verizon 1962.

Certified candidates

We listed the certified candidates for each contest below. This list will not become final until July 5 when the deadline for withdrawals and objections expires. The order of names will not be set until the July 13th Ballot Position Drawing.

Mayor (Preliminary Election):

Robert Cappucci
Tito Jackson 
Martin J Walsh 
Joseph A Wiley

City Councilor-At-Large (No Preliminary Election): 

Domingos DaRosa
Michael F Flaherty
Althea Garrison 
Annissa Essaibi George
William A King
Pat Payaso 
Ayanna S Pressley
Michelle Wu

District 1 (Preliminary Election): 

Lydia Marie Edwards
Margaret M Farmer
Stephen Passacantilli

District 2 (Preliminary Election): 

Corey G Dinopoulos
Edward M Flynn
Joseph F Kebartas
Michael S Kelley
Peter Lin-Marcus
Erica J Tritta 
Kora Roberts Katz Vakil

District 3 (No Preliminary Election): 

Frank Baker

District 4 (No Preliminary Election):

Andrea Joy Campbell

District 5 (No Preliminary Election):

Timothy P McCarthy

District 6 (No Preliminary Election):

Matt O’Malley

District 7 (Preliminary Election):

Angelina Magdalena Camacho
Joao Gomes Depina
Rufus J Faulk 
Carlos Tony Henriquez
Kim Janey
Deeqo Jibril 
Brian Keith 
Jose Lopez
Charles Clemons Muhammad
Roy Owens
Domonique A Williams 
Hassan A Williams 
Steven A Wise

District 8 (No Preliminary Election):

Kristen Mobilia
Josh Zakim 

District 9 (Preliminary Election):

Brandon David Bowser
Mark S Ciommo
Alexander Bernhard Golonka