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Five ways to kickstart a healthy 2018

January 5, 2018

Human Resources

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Human Resources

Some simple ideas to begin the new year.

Reflect on the last 365 days

Set aside time alone to think about what went well, and what you wish went differently in 2017. Some things may have been in your control while others were not. What was your favorite memory? How about your biggest priority? Thank yourself for everything you were able to accomplish. Try writing a journal entry about the year, using an online guide to help you reflect, or discussing with a family member or friend.

Reorganize and clean your space

A clean space helps make room for new things and new ideas in the year ahead. De-clutter your desk at work, get around to that vacuum and carwash, and spend some time organizing your home. There are likely things to donate, repurpose, or get rid of in each room. Freshening things up will help you to feel organized and enter 2018 stress-free. 

Focus on what you want to add to your life vs. eliminate

It’s easy to let negative self-talk creep in when your goals all begin with "no." No sugar. No alcohol. No more activities on the calendar for the kids. Try shifting your thinking to something more specific that you want, instead of only focusing on what you can't do. For instance, "incorporate more fruits and veggies each week,""drink responsibly and on special occasions," and "help the kids continue to get excited about their weekly swimming lesson." This simple shift in thinking can make a big difference in the way you view yourself throughout the year.

Consider reaching out for help

Did you workout six days a week this year but still aren’t feeling strong? It may be time to utilize that personal trainer consult at your gym. Maybe you tried to overcome a big loss or life change, or break-up all on your own, but are still feeling down. Counseling may be a good option. Your PCP can make a referral, or you can use Psychology Today to search for a local provider. The Employee Assistance program can also help employees locate an array of services. If you faced hardship in 2017, the beginning of 2018 is a good time to regain and relearn coping skills, and get back to feeling like you again.

Set intentions for 2018

Start small. It’s OK if you are unsure what the year ahead is going to bring. What’s important is knowing how you want to feel, and how you want to approach challenges and new opportunities that come your way. Set intentions that feel reasonable and stay true to yourself. Just because all your friends are setting weight-loss and financial goals, that doesn’t mean you need to. Listen to yourself about what you truly want and move forward from there. Write your goals and intentions down to hold yourself accountable. When you re-read these next year, it will be quite inspiring to see how far you’ve come.